Friday, March 5, 2010

Town Screenings of Unnatural Causes

As part of its work on Social Justice and Health Equity, The Town of Amherst and the Amherst Department of Human Rights and Human Resources is extending a special invitation to all interested people to FREE screenings and discussions of:

UNNATURAL CAUSES… is inequality making us sick?

Wednesdays (Opening screening—Tuesday 20 April 2010)

20 April 2010—Becoming American
28 April 2010—Place Matters
12 May 2010—Not Just a Paycheck
19 May 2010—In Sickness and In Wealth
9 June 2010—When the Bough Breaks
16 June 2010—Bad Sugar
23 June 2010—Collateral Damage

5:00—5:30 Registration
5:30—6:00 Screening
6:00—7:00 Dialogue to Action

Amherst Cinema
This program is FREE and open to the public. Because seating is limited, we recommend obtaining free tickets IN ADVANCE at the Amherst Cinema box office. TICKEST ARE NOW AVAILABLE FREE ONLINE AND AT THE BOX OFFICE!

The screening will include a forum—Implications of inequality and health for the Amherst community: A dialogue among participants—facilitated by Dr. Barbara J. Love and introductions by Amherst Human Rights/Human Resources Director, Eunice Torres.

Free childcare will be available and provided by Amherst LSSE staff
Childcare, drop-off, and sign-in of children will be at Jones Library


Unnatural Causes…is inequality making us sick?

Unnatural Causes is a film that explores—through the research of some of the most prominent leaders in the field—the social, economic, and environmental conditions that determine the health outcomes of the various populations within our country.

In this film, they examine the realities that race, gender, socioeconomic status, and ones zip code has on one’s health. By looking at the realities of a populations economic and social conditions under which they are born, grow, live, work, and age—they are better able to address the root causes of bad health in our communities.

Project Overview

The Town of Amherst Government wants to explore the root causes of health inequities in the Town of Amherst. In this project, we are seeking to initiate dialogue with the varied segments of the Amherst community to identify policies, practices, and procedures, of the Amherst Town Government that affect, manifest as, and/or contribute to the differential and inequitable health and life outcomes as well as inequitable daily life experiences for people from different social identity groups.

The mission of the Town of Amherst Social Justice Project is to have the Town take into consideration that all policies and practices recognize that an individual’s health is largely determined by their social identity (race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, language or religion), and that it should be the Towns practice to create policies and activities for Amherst that increase awareness of this issue; improve access to resources for all people; and eliminate differences in health outcomes, so that all are equally served.